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The Society for Planetary SETI Research

The Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) is an organization of about 30 independent scientists and scholars from a variety of fields formed around their common interest in anomalies on planets and their satellites, primarily Mars and the Moon. Many donate their time to continue research on a subject they consider of high interest and possible long-term importance, despite its unpopularity with mainstream science, the lack of research funding, and the difficulties in publishing papers on the subject. The professional areas of members include astronomy, geology, physics, anthropology, philosophy, archeology, engineering (electrical, mechanical, aerospace), image processing, mathematics, space law, geomorphology, and college and university teaching.
SPSR is committed to keeping this scientific investigation, Mars in particular, as much in the scientific mainstream as possible. To this end, members are encouraged to submit their papers to peer review within the group and for possible publication in appropriate peer-reviewed science journals.
Because SPSR members represent such a wide diversity of interests, areas of expertise, and opinions, the organization as a whole does not generally endorse any particular conclusions drawn by its members, and no claim of endorsement by SPSR as an organization would be appropriate. Some of the position statements by individual members reflect this diversity of viewpoints. Such is the process of scientific inquiry.
Nevertheless a common statement of agreed-upon goals is that anomalous features we have seen in certain images from Mars convince us that the issue of artificial structures on Mars should be openly debated in the scientific community, that the journals should be open to review of qualified technical papers on this subject matter, and that follow-up images to test the predictions of the hypotheses of natural versus artificial origin for these anomalous features should be a priority for the remaining lifetime of the MGS spacecraft.

New Forum on Planetary SETI

The Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) is currently seeking members interested in discussing the possibility of our solar system having been visited in the past, known as Planetary SETI.
As you may be aware, the field has been mired in controversy for decades because of the discovery of certain formations in Cydonia, particularly the Face on Mars. The premise of the forum is that there is no credible evidence of Planetary SETI to date, but that this may be found at some stage. Therefore no evidence of any such formations may be discussed.
The focus will be on discussing methods for exploring the Solar System and extra solar planets for Planetary SETI. The intention is to provide a mainstream oriented opportunity for those interested in the subject on a theoretical level. It is also intended to foster a skeptical attitude to sensationalist claims on the subject.
Ideally members will produce papers in peer reviewed Journals on the subject and help develop a comprehensive plan for exploring for Planetary SETI. Qualifications required are a degree with some kind of research experience in the sciences, engineering or the liberal arts relevant to the issues raised by PSETI. Others with suitable experience may apply.
Those interested should contact Professor Horace Crater at for further details.

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