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Since the 1970's unusual surface features found on Mars have commanded interest and generated controversy. This interest continues to grow. So does the controversy. It all started over twenty years ago when anomalous features where found in Viking imagery at a region called Cydonia; The Face, the D&M Pyramid, and others appear to be constructed objects.

Today about 57,500 Mars Global Surveyor images are available to the public for inspection. More anomalous objects continue to be found, some very compelling. Some of these objects are presented here at this site.

Planetary scientists, NASA in particular, simplistically dismiss these objects as multiple geological flukes. Independent studies, on the other hand, suggest a very different hypothesis - that certain objects on the surface of Mars are artificial in origin, that these are ruins begging for archeological investigation.

Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) is the NASA contractor responsible for designing and operating the Mars Orbital Camera (MOC) mounted on the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS). The MGS images seen here were downloaded from the MSSS web site.

Among the many unusual objects found in these images, faces tend to be the most prevalent and profound. Most are very human in appearance. A number of these are presented here for your inspection. In my opinion, certain of these images constitute excellent evidence in support of artificiality. See for yourself. Click at left to inspect the images.

If indeed artificial, these features would arguably be the greatest discovery... ever.
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