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SETI and the Colonization Hypothesis


Fig. 33 Radio Telescope
It was the famous Drake Equation which justified the multi-million dollar SETI investigation (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) as well as, in part, the apparently failed $165M Mars Polar Lander sponsored by NASA. Expensive radio telescopes “listen” for signals from space (figure 33). By multiplying several probability estimates, such as the probable number of life-supporting planets, this equation estimates the number of intelligent civilizations able to communicate within our galaxy. It is the basis for the belief that there is a high probability for extraterrestrial (ET) life. The funding was awarded solely on the basis of probability evidence having two main assumptions: first, that at some time during their development, ET would produce radio signals which our astronomers could detect; and second, that these signals will originate from deep space (Carlotto).

Proponents of the Drake Equation who debunk Mars anomaly research should be reminded that this equation makes ET visitation to our solar system highly probable within the evolution of humans. In my opinion, according to the Drake Equation, extraterrestrial artifacts on Mars, as well as Earth and the Moon, should therefore be expected. Skeptics have trouble with the humanoid appearance of the Face. It is argued that humanoid life evolving on Mars is improbable because evolution in an isolated environment would probably follow different paths. But according to the well-touted Drake Equation, extraterrestrial visitation has probably already occurred, so Earth cannot be considered genetically isolated in the first place. The Drake Equation supports the Colonization Hypothesis, that based on ET visitation.

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