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The Meteorite and the Cydonia Hypothesis 


Fig. 34
It is claimed that meteorite ALH84001, thought to be from Mars (figure 34), may contain fossilized microorganisms (McKay 1996). The researchers cite only five pieces of evidence to support their claim (Carlotto 1997) and state that “although there are alternative explanations for each of these phenomena taken individually, when they are considered collectively, particularly in view of their spatial association, we conclude that they are evidence for primitive life on early Mars.” As Dr. Carlotto writes, “surely a similar argument can be used here to justify another extraordinary claim – that there may be large artificial structures on the surface of Mars. A claim that is, in fact, supported by considerably more evidence” (Carlotto 1997). This evidence, as well as the fact that liquid water was at one time plentiful on Mars, and clearly evident in recent MGS imagery to this day, supports the Cydonia Hypothesis of artificiality, that the origins of the unusual objects may have indigenous life origins.

Read a NASA publication compiled by Pat Dasch and Allan Treiman, complete with many relevant images, on the Mars meteorite and ancient life on Mars.

Ancient Life on Mars???

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