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The Previous Lost Civilizations Hypothesis

In recent decades it has become more and more apparent that a human legacy of sophisticated civilizations,complete with advanced technologies, may reach further back into prehistory than anyone imagined. Evidence of these civilizations exists all over the world. The Baalbec Trilothon, for example, 1,100 ton blocks, were quarried and positioned so extremely precisely that it cannot be duplicated today…and done in an age of great antiquity, one of the oldest constructions on earth. The scenario of slaves tugging on ropes to move these great stones is beginning to be challenged, even considered grossly inadequate.

Evidence of a lost era of human civilization presented by the great scholar Zacharia Sitchen in his 12th Planet, evidence of sophisticated ancient maps presented by Charles Hapgood in his Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, and evidence of an astonishingly sophisticated knowledge of astronomy by Graham Hancock in Heavens Mirror and Fingerprints of the Gods are only a few examples of how orthodox notions of human history are being challenged. Theories of a lost legacy of advanced civilizations are well supported and are beginning to gain serious consideration.

Is it not impossible that an ancient human civilization, lost to history and probably living only in myth and legend, was space faring and traveled to Mars, building structures that remind us of what we find at ancient sites all around the earth? Evidence supporting new theories of a lost legacy of human history at the same time supports the Previous Lost Civilizations Hypothesis concerning the origins of these possible artificial structures on Mars.

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