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The SPSR Researchers

Dr. John E. Brandenburg
B.A. Physics, Southern Oregon State College, Ashland Oregon. Ph.D., Applied Science, University of California, Davis. Plasma physicist. Currently doing space and defence work, primarily on the theory of magnetic confinement of plasmas for fusion power and defense-related areas of plasma physics. Unified Field Theories. Coauthor with Monica Paxton on book Dead Mars - Dying Earth.

Dr. Mark J. Carlotto
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1981. From 1981-1983 Assitant Adjunct Professor at Boston University. Currently Division Staff Analyst at the Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC), Boston, Mass, Senior member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Author of The Martian Enigmas.

Dr. Horace Crater
SPSR President, Professor of Physics, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, Yale University, M.Phil, Ph.D., Physics. Member of the American Physical Society in the Division of Particles and Fields and Topical Group of Few Body Systems and Mulitparticle Dynamics. Graduate level teaching in areas of Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, and General Relativity.

Vincent DiPietro
John Hopkins University and University of Maryland. Electrical engineer experienced in image processing and digital electronics. Inventor of a number of electronic control devices used in producing film products from satellite data. Currently employed at Goddard Space Flight Center. Inventer of the Staburst Pixel Interleaving Technique (SPIT), an image enhancement process instrumental in the analysis of the controversial objects found in Viking imagery. Co-discoverer of the D&M Pyramid. Coauthor of Unusual Mars Surface Features.

Daniel Drasin
Writer and Editor; principle photographic consultant to the Independant Mars Investigations and the SPSR. 35 year background as photographer and computer graphics consulting. Editor and photographic consultant for Dr. Carlotto's The Martian Enigmas and editorial consultant for The McDaniel Report.

James Erjavec
M.S. in geology at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. B.S. in geology at the Cleveland State University, Ohio. Geologist and Computer/Geographic Information Ststem (GIS) Analyst with over 13 years experience in those fields. Currently working as an environmental geologist and GIS analyst in the characterization and restoration of a DOE Sperfund Site in southern Ohio. A specialist in mapping and computer graphics, he has developed an extensive geomorphic feature map of the Cydonia region.

Lan Flemming
B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology. Master of Science, Computer Science, DePaul University. Association with American Railroads, Chicago. Computer Systems Analyst, Artificial Intelligence Department, Southwest Research Institute. Computer Suystems Analyst, Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Johnson Space Center, Houston. Currently working on two projects at JSC.

Stanley V. McDaniel
Professor Emeritus and former Chairman, Department of Philosophy, Sonoma State University. Author of The McDaniel Report, author of A Study Guide to the Philosophy of Nietsche (in print 28 years, recently released on CD-ROM), and Logic and Reasoning, an innovative textbook for introductory logic students. Coediter of The Case for the Face.

Greg Molenaar
Co-author of Unusual Mars Surface Features. Co-discoverer of the D&M Pyramid.

Harry Moore
Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Geology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Currently heads the geotechnical office with TDOT in Knoxville. Authored numerous technical papers dealing with karst, landslides, and other geotechnical issues dealling with highways. Professional Geologist License in Tenn and Georgia.

Dr. Brian OíLeary
Ph.D. in astronomy at the University of California, Berkley. Masterís thesis on the Martian atmosphere, doctoral thesis on the optical properties of Mars. Faculty member a UC Berkley, Cornell University, California Institute of Technology, and Princton University. Planetary scientist in the NASA astronaut corps during the Apollo program. Deputy team leader, NASA Mariner 10, Venus-Mercury television space team.

Monica Paxton
Coauthor of Dead Mars - Dying Earth. Coeditor of The Case for the Face.

Dr. Randolfo R. Pozos
Ph.D. in Social Cultural Anthropology at the University of Californis, Berkley. Masterís degree in Public Health. Author of The Face On Mars and co-organizer of the original Independant Mars Investigation.

Mr. Ananda Sirisena
Former image processing engineer and teacher at Unisys Training Center in England. Currently employed on a contract basis.

Dr. James F. Strange
Professor of Religious Studies, former Dean and former Chair of Religious Studies, University of South Florida. Director, University of South Florida Archaeological Excavations at Sepphoris, Israel. Art and Archaeology editor for the Macmillan Dictionary of Biblical Judaism. Author of four books in archaeology, 90 refereed articles in professional journals such as the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Israel Exploration Journal, Revue Biblique, and The Biblical Archaeology Review, The Bible Illustrator, and Archeologia Viva.

Erol Torun
B.S., Geography (subsequently geomorphology), University of Maryland at College Park. Cartographer and physical scientist with the Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C. since 1980. From 1980-86 worked on Digital Terrain Elevation Data, a matrix of elevation points representing ground topography. Special analysis of rich geometry and mathematics evident in the D&M Pyramid.

Dr. Tom Van Flandern
Ph.D. in Celestial Mechanics, Yale University, 1969. Former Director, Celestial Mechanics Branch of the Nautical Almanac Office, US Naval Observatory. Former consultant to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and frequent contributor to scholarly technical journals and astronomy magazines. Author of Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets. Currently Head of the MetaResearch Foundation.

Dr. David Webb
Former Dir. of Space Education, Research, and Technology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida. Former member of the National Commission on Space under President Ronald Reagan. Internationally known consultant on Space Policy.

More Members (bios/links forthcoming):

Dr. Michael Zimmerman
Dr. Conley Powell
Dr. Mitchell Swartz
Dr. Alexey Arkhipov
Dr. Ken Wheaton
Mr. Cesar Sirvent
Mr. Steve Corrick
Dr. Charles Walker
Mr. Peter P. Nerbun
Mr. Robert A. Johnston
Mr. David J Eccott
Mr. Malcolm Smith
Mr. Greg Orme
Mr. Peter Ness
Mr. Francis Ridge

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