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The Mounds

Within the City, a group of small (100 feet tall) mound-like objects appear to be arrayed in a grid-like pattern.
Hoagland first noticed these objects, but Crater and McDaniel (1996) found that a subset of these mounds fall on a rectilinear grid with a one/square root two scale (figures 20 and 21).

Read about Dr. Crater's analysis of these mounds at


Fig. 20 Mound Selection (Carlotto)

Fig. 21 Mound Grid (McDaniel)
Figure 22, Pentad (McDaniel/Crater)
Mounds AEG form a right triangle equal to EAB.Triangle ADE forms an isosceles triangle. Note the parallel lines, the parallelograms, and right triangle ABD. Distance ratios are based on the square root of  two and the square root of three (Crater/Sirvent/  McDaniel 1998).The square root two triangle is the only triangle that, when bisected, produces more triangles of  the same shape

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