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The Power of Dr. Michael Malin

Dr. Michael Malin, head of Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS), is the private contractor who supplied and operated the camera systems for the failed Mars Observer mission as well as the Mars Global Surveyor that is presently imaging the planet. Much credit must be given to the MSSS team for the hugely successful MGS MOC misssion as well as the top notch web site,, where the many images are organized and from which can be downloaded.

But Dr. Malin’s disdain for the artificiality hypothesis and those who propose it is very evident in this World Wide Web page. He suggests researchers “deliberately induced pixel errors” and that conclusions regarding the Face derive from “amateurs using extremely poor image enhancement and publishing their results in American tabloid magazines”. It’s really too bad that, as far as Mars research is concerned, Malin is the most important man in the world. As Principle Camera Operator, he alone decides what areas will be imaged and also enjoys the right to an exclusive six-month preview of all images before they are shown to the public (Hancock 1998). This contractual agreement between NASA and its contractor is an issue McDaniel finds questionably legal and ethical (McDaniel 1993). Before Malin, the contractor, NASA images have historically been considered public domain and have been promptly released to the public. Before Malin, the contractor, mission priorities and objectives were determined through collaboration between mission project scientists and independent panels. NASA’s contractual agreement with Malin sheds it of any responsibility for its own research. Conspiracy theories abound, but if there is no conspiracy, then how can it be good for one man to have so much power, so much control over knowledge? As a result, Mars anomaly research has been a frustrating process for those who appreciate the abundance of evidence and the profound importance of such a potential discovery as the possibility of ancient artifacts on Mars.

Michael Malin - Biography at MSSS

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