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Geometric Alignments

The diagram in figure 19 is a simplified representation of only a few geometric relationships observed in Cydonia by Hoagland, Torun, and others (Carlotto 1997).

Fig. 19 Alignments among the anomalous features (Carlotto)
  1. The City, a collection of polyhedral features contained within an area whose major axes parallel those of the Face.
  2. The City Square, apparently located at the exact lateral center of the City. Viewed from this center point, the Summer Solstice sun rose directly over the Face, about ½ million years ago.
  3. The Fortress, at the northeast corner of the City . Its east wall appears to point directly at the D&M Pyramid.
  4. The D&M Pyramid, its major axis points precisely between the eyes of the Face, its left arm precisely at the center of the City Square, and its right arm at top-dead-center of the Tholus, all at equidistant angles.
  5. The Face, about 350 meters high and 2.5 km from crown to chin.
  6. The Cliff, perched atop the ejecta blanket of a large nearby crater.
  7. The Tholus, aligned with the Cliff’s ridgeline. The Cliff, Tholus, and D&M form a right triangle. It’s shape, proportions, and peripheral ditch are virtually identical to those found in similar prehistoric structures on Earth.

     The Ratio of Distances between the western edge of the City, the City Square, the eastern edges of the city and Face and the Cliff, appears to be 1:2:4:8 (Carlotto 1992).

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